2500 Prayer Ribbons (Memory)

Vice President Biden visited Provincetown, Massachusetts this week, and spoke of the courage of the
LGBT community.

The twenty-five-hundred prayer ribbons fluttering in front of the Provincetown Library on the 25th anniversary of the annual Swim for Life event, spoke more effectively, of something much larger than one special interest group.

Imagine an event that has run for twenty-five years, and raises millions to care for the whole community: men, women, children, sick, injured, hungry, or simply out to have a good time on the harbor.

Mr. Biden, Provincetown is more than a poster child for gender politics. Provincetown models true community, one that takes responsibility for its own, and treats each citizen and visitor as worthy of unconditional love and respect.

If you recognize and support that impulse to unite rather than divide your community, please feel free to download and share this image. (A full-resolution image is available on my website by clicking here.)

Remind the would-be and current occupants of those gorgeous Federal buildings that they serve a nation of individuals more varied than these 2500 ribbons, and even more beautiful when we are gathered together.

Why do we let our public servants divide us?

Aren’t we supposed to be United?

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