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Be Grateful (Estimation)

“Be grateful for what you have!”
and its companions
“at least you’re alive”
“it could be worse”,
“someone else would love
to be in your shoes”,
would produce more healing
if the pronoun were changed.


Trippers (Imagination)

I’ve missed you guys, but as most of you know,  I’ve been a bit busy putting these ideas to work in my first feature-length film: Trippers. You can read more about it if you click that link.  In it, a young widow fights with a quirky consignment shopkeeper in an attempt …

Missing (Memory)

Missing (Memory) I wandered this way one miserable day. Well, the day wasn’t miserable. I was. Agitated, dispirited I stomped more than wandered toward the river. Frazzled by taking the expected path in every quarter of my life, I splintered off the easy, cleared woodland path and into hay-scented ferns, …