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Don’t Look At the Light (Common Sense)

  What a silly thing to say to a photographer! “Don’t look at the light!” Word zipped around the construction site.  With the welder working his magic, the seasoned veterans expressed concern to the juniors. Stories traveled, quickly, tersely, between saw cuts and cigarette exhales about coworkers gone blind too …


Steel (Estimation)

The design —  a simple, open space, framed by windows, anchored by a stone fireplace — requires steel:  a foreign concept to my New England shipbuilder bones!  I know how to fell a tree, limb it, debark it, and slice it into timbers.  I know how to join the timbers. …

4:20 Peace Train (Estimation)

4:20 Peace Train  (Estimation) Should we assess a photograph first on its technical merits (composition, exposure, focus, subject, contrast, sharpness)? Or on its artistic intent? Let’s examine this one, and see where each method takes us. First a technical analysis:  Some point-of-view distortion; decent exposure, rendering lots of detail in …