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Be Grateful (Estimation)

“Be grateful for what you have!”
and its companions
“at least you’re alive”
“it could be worse”,
“someone else would love
to be in your shoes”,
would produce more healing
if the pronoun were changed.


Steel (Estimation)

The design —  a simple, open space, framed by windows, anchored by a stone fireplace — requires steel:  a foreign concept to my New England shipbuilder bones!  I know how to fell a tree, limb it, debark it, and slice it into timbers.  I know how to join the timbers. …

4:20 Peace Train (Estimation)

4:20 Peace Train  (Estimation) Should we assess a photograph first on its technical merits (composition, exposure, focus, subject, contrast, sharpness)? Or on its artistic intent? Let’s examine this one, and see where each method takes us. First a technical analysis:  Some point-of-view distortion; decent exposure, rendering lots of detail in …

Cobweb/Leeks (Estimation)

Cobweb/Leeks I (Estimation) What are you photographing? I have containers outdoors filled with sempervivum (“live forever” or “house leeks”), and a mix of sedums. Sedum album ‘Murale’ is in bloom now. So, I thought I would photograph that. Taken by the delicacy of its bloom against the coarse sedum and …

I’m Doing It! (Memory)

I’m Doing It, Grandma! (Memory) Behind him, a bluegrass band plays foot-stomping, singable songs. Loudly. The assembled townsfolk sing along, eat, laugh, politick and enjoy family time. He doesn’t notice. He dips the giant wand into the tray of bubble mixture, and waves the wand frantically. Nothing happens. Repeats. Nothing …

Look the Other Way (Estimation)

Look the Other Way (Estimation) The sunset radiated over-saturated magenta and DayGlo orange. Seeking relief for my battered retinas, I looked to my right and found black and blue peace. But the boats and one seagull found no respite here, and faced away into the wind, into unruffled stillness, dark …


Camouflage (estimation)

Camouflage (estimation) I learned my camouflage tricks from frogs hiding at the edge of the pond, waiting for a movement, a sign, a hint of malice or… what, exactly? What makes one jump into the water while another sits with patient courage and sings his unique song loudly into danger’s face. …

Dragonfly (Estimation)

Dragonfly (Estimation) This salt-and-pepper dragonfly (I think she’s a common whitetail) chose my salt-and-pepper granite stair for home. Would the blue ringtail dragonfly hang out more,  if I painted the granite with black and blue stripes?

Rock On

Seed of Doubt (Estimation) A rock. A maple seed. A tiny leaf. Not all that much, is it? Okay, so I’ll tell you a story, instead. We bought a house, (a true story, by the way), a modest, graceful Victorian that hasn’t changed much since it was built in 1871.  And …