Camouflage (estimation)

Camouflage (estimation)
I learned my camouflage tricks from frogs
hiding at the edge of the pond, waiting for
a movement, a sign, a hint of malice or…
what, exactly?
What makes one jump into the water
while another sits with patient courage
and sings his unique song
loudly into danger’s face.
I know which frog I am.
Which one are you?

Would you like to raise your photographs to a new level?

At the outset of this blog, I made the claim that if we understand more about why we are motivated to take photographs, we would make better photographs.  I’m about to show you how this works.

Try this exercise with me: 
Step 1. Photograph an object.  The object doesn’t need to be anything special. You can use any camera: any make, any quality, even the one in your phone.

Step 2. Consider: what is your instinctive means of camouflage? How do you hide? Or have you figured out a way to sing out in safety?

Step 3. With that challenge firmly in mind, capture an image of the same object, while you are just thinking or feeling that question. You don’t need to illustrate the theme, or worry excessively about the technical quality of your photograph; just hold the question gently in your awareness, and take a photograph.

(If your dominant inner wit is not estimation, then you may find this challenge is not for you. We’ll eventually do an exercise for each of them, so stay tuned!)

Step 4. Select and post your image pair on the web, tagged with #innerwitsestimation, and put a link to it in the comments here, by August 4th.

I will choose three image pairs to use as examples in August 5th’s blog, and discuss how this works.

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