Brown Stone, Black Sky (Fantasy)

And we’re back!

After a week of reading and fiddling with Blogger and waiting in vain for better answers from Google about when they would restore my ability to upload images, I voted with my feet.

Welcome to the new edition of Inner Wits, now on WordPress.  I am sure to have a few kinks to work out of the implementation, but I hope you’ll forgive an occasional glitch in favor of having your daily dose of Inner Wit-dom.

Thank you for your patience and sticking with me through this frustrating period. I missed you!

An angry man
raises a futile fist skyward
fights the wrong foe.


God listens
about as well as we listen
to the third blood cell on the left
squeezing through that narrowed capillary
begging us to stop smoking.
Or eating donuts.


He hears.
He cares.
He hurts.
But he is busy with other priorities right now.
And his notion of tomorrow
differs from ours.

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