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Be Grateful (Estimation)

“Be grateful for what you have!”
and its companions
“at least you’re alive”
“it could be worse”,
“someone else would love
to be in your shoes”,
would produce more healing
if the pronoun were changed.


Trippers (Imagination)

I’ve missed you guys, but as most of you know,  I’ve been a bit busy putting these ideas to work in my first feature-length film: Trippers. You can read more about it if you click that link.  In it, a young widow fights with a quirky consignment shopkeeper in an attempt …

2500 Ribbons (Memory)

2500 Prayer Ribbons (Memory)

Vice President Biden visited Provincetown, Massachusetts this week, and spoke of the courage of the LGBT community. The twenty-five-hundred prayer ribbons fluttering in front of the Provincetown Library on the 25th anniversary of the annual Swim for Life event, spoke more effectively, of something much larger than one special interest …


Airport Koi (Common Sense)

  What a wise thing to have a koi pond at the entrance to a restaurant notoriously overbooked, yet well worth hoping for a table!  We who wait outside Nancy’s Airfield Cafe become a small community. We count fish, compare notes. We point out hiding places. We announce our favorite …


Don’t Look At the Light (Common Sense)

  What a silly thing to say to a photographer! “Don’t look at the light!” Word zipped around the construction site.  With the welder working his magic, the seasoned veterans expressed concern to the juniors. Stories traveled, quickly, tersely, between saw cuts and cigarette exhales about coworkers gone blind too …


Steel (Estimation)

The design —  a simple, open space, framed by windows, anchored by a stone fireplace — requires steel:  a foreign concept to my New England shipbuilder bones!  I know how to fell a tree, limb it, debark it, and slice it into timbers.  I know how to join the timbers. …


May-December Romance (Memory)

“They don’t make ’em like they used to,” my framer quips. “They have laws against that.” Right here, at this corner of the house, decades of construction technology unite. Solid, rough-hewn wood; mortise and tenon joinery and wide planks of old growth pine meet steel and LVLs and strand board …

Caution Tape (Imagination)

Caution Tape (Imagination)

The stairs aren’t safe. Yes, they will hold your weight. Yes, your balance might compensate for the missing handrail. And the missing wall. But still, we don’t want you to travel up those stairs. You see, it isn’t about you. Unseen, in the attic, two stories up, a crew is demolishing …

Technical Difficulties (Common Sense)

For some peculiar reason, I am unable to upload images to the blog — which makes writing a photo blog somewhat difficult. I will be back as soon as I am able. The most relevant answer to my problem appears to be that I’ve tripped into some sort of SPAM …