I thought you were gone (Imagination)

I thought you were gone (Imagination)

Under a canopy of heart-shaped leaves, I planted a remembrance garden of white flowers and foliage.

You can read my garden if you know the plant names, and I could not resist planting the pure white iris “Immortality” here even though the light was never right for it. While the redbud was young, that iris bloomed twice, then disappeared from the garden altogether, rather more ephemeral than immortal, I’d say.

Last year, a year that nearly put me under the yard rather than in it, challenged the garden.  Overrun with forget-me-nots and bleeding hearts, nearly every corner cried out for company.

But this place held no such drama. A few circumspect woodland natives bloomed quietly under the redbud’s dense, burgundy-green umbrella shelter, framed by the hosta “Remember Me”. But no iris.

Until today.

Iris ensata “Light at Dawn” volunteered to shine where Immortality had failed to prosper.

I don’t remember planting it here, in my remembrance garden.

I’m looking for omens, which is foolish, since I’d rather ignore any dire portents.

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