Razzmatazz (Imagination)

Razzmatazz (Imagination)
Independence Day?
I singled out this flower from the border to highlight its wild shape and color, but in the larger landscape one flower, even one as wild as this, gets lost. Bolstered by dozens of its mates and set off by a variety of textures, colors, and forms, it gains strength and power. It radiates beauty, abundance, and playful silliness.
We may stand out. We may stand on our own two feet. We may stand on principle.
But we have more fun, and we are more effective, when we stand together.

(To learn more about Echinacea purpurea “Razzmatazz”, check out the Missouri Botanical Garden’s fact-filled site.)

And remember, Thursday, July 5th is your chance to shine.  Post links to a few of your photos, taken while thinking about your instinct for camouflage.  Or, if that feels too scary, (after all, we are just getting to know each other!) post a comment and tell us how it went for you.  Or click the “like” button if you enjoyed the exercise. Did you take a “before” and “after” photo? Did you find a bit more magic in your shots?

Click here for details.  This ought to be a fun exercise for you lurkers! And I’ll give a special gift to the first three participants.

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